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Ideas for sea glass - What can I do with it?
Ideas For Sea Glass
What can I do with it?
sea glass mosaic

This is a good example of what can be done with a bunch of sea glass. Mosaic work is a common use for sea glass. It's easy and inexpensive. If you are doing a large project, buy tumbled glass and create away. This one was done with a garage sale find for the base and a pre made medallion for the center piece.

NOTE : These ideas are provided for your inspiration, PLEASE do not email me with instructions!


Sea Glass Ideas
Sea Glass Lamp

Sea Glass Light Night

Beautiful and stunning when lit and made with all natural sea glass

Sea Glass Bracelets

Custom Sea Glass Jewelry
From your supplied sea glass

Many times our customers are avid sea glass collectors and have some fine jewelry quality pieces of sea glass they want turned into keepsake jewelry.

The process begins with you sending us the sea glass. We will then access what can be made with the pieces and then send you photos with pricing choices.

To start the process of having your sea glass turned into jewelry, Visit our Custom Sea Glass Jewelry page.

Pictured here are 5 custom unassembled Wire Bezel bracelets from client supplied sea glass.

seaglass table

Sea Glass Mosaic Table

Another view of the beautiful sea glass mosaic table. Done in common color of beach glass mostly green brown and white.










Wood sea glass hair stick

Sea Glass Hair Sticks

(TOP) Really fun and funky this hair sticks make a statement in tumbled glass but look real. Using copper wire available at any hardware or home improvement center. Pretty loose wrapping of the glass would make this a fairly easy project.

(BOTTOM) Our sea glass mermaid hair stick on an artisan hand carved wood base. Available on our web site CLICK HERE!

sea glass box

Beach Glass Box

This box is commercially made but looks handmade with brown sea glass accents on a natural box. It would be very easy to make yourself. Paper boxes are available at most craft stores or recycle and recover one you already have.

sea glass bracelet

The Ultimate Sea Glass Lovers Bracelet

Combining over 23 pieces of some of the best sea glass in the world, this piece was truly a one of a kind. Others can be seen on our web site by clicking HERE

Sea glass Christmas Tree

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

This one was a labor of love. All green sea glass creates this Christmas tree. Beads serve as the garland.

Really cool! Mosaic work is a favorite among glass collectors. Nice pieces of smaller glass in a wide color range. Take a light plate, glue glass and grout.

beach glass basket

Sea Glass Flower Girls Basket

Great idea for weddings and flower girls. We did something similar with a basket for my sisters wedding on the beach and used it for the bird seed packets to give to guests.

Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry CustomBeach glass necklace for bride

Custom Sea Glass Bridal Jewelry

We are always thrilled and honored to make sea glass jewelry for brides. Beach Weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

Pictured top is a beautiful beach bride that we created a necklace to match her dress. She sent us photos of the dress and we created this illusion necklace with pearls and crystals to mimic the delicate pink rosebuds on her gown.

Pictured bottom is a complex bridal necklace that could also be worn as a tiara. The glass was supplied by the bride. She and her father had collected the sea glass in Hawaii so the sea glass had a lot of sentimental value.

To begin a custom bridal order, visit our Custom Order page or or Beach Weddings for more information and ideas.


Natural Sea Glass Bowl

Stunning seafoam and white sea glass affixed to a clear bowl. SIlicon glue might have been used to affix these pieces to the bowl. A true treasure of any home.

sea glass sculpture

Beach Glass Praying Mantis

A really neat creation made entirely of sea glass and wire in a sculpture of a praying mantis. Beautiful!

sea glass pendant

Rare Sea Glass Pontil Rod Pendant

This is from my personal collection and will never be sold. I stopped wearing it at art shows for fear someone would offer me a fortune. Once in a lifetime piece of sea glass

Other similar pendants can be seen on our site by CLICKING HERE!

Vase made with sea glass

Genuine Sea Glass Candles

Great large sea glass candle holders

Moasic Christmas Balls With Sea Glass

Sea Glass & Sand Orbs

For instructions on this project visit http://craft.dow.com/project/829.htm

Fire Place with sea glass mosaic 

Sea Glass Mosaic Fireplace - California

Great achievement of sea glass fireplace mantel, Done solely in sea glass collected from Puerto Rico for a home in California. This one was an act of love! From the home of a friend!

Sea Glass Marble Game Board

A great use for and display of Genuine Sea Glass TM marbles. Fun and functional

From my personal collection

Light Plate made with sea glass mosaic

Sea Glass Light Plate

A great use of glass with simple mosaic work.

specimen sea glass on brass stand

Specimen Sea Glass on Brass Stand

A great way to display your prized specimens, Great for desks or homes

Available on our site HERE

Old printers tray display

Antique Printers Tray Display

A nice way to display your personal collection. I used to have 3 on the wall going into my office and would put a special found piece of glass in a slot after returning from the beach.

Now a little more organized with color chips for a more organized look. The glass is mostly English Sea Glass that is too large for jewelry.

Mosaic sea glass sources
Mosaic Mercantile Great source of artificial glass
that is perfect in mosaic work.

Or Visit our Loose Sea Glass page for 
bulk sea glass lots Click HERE

ALSO Visit the Vote Page for some great samples of cool sea glass finds.

Email me with your craft picture or idea! (again, please do not email me for instructions on any of the above crafts!

EMAIL - info@bytheseajewelry.com